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The day ended with the SON shining | March for Jesus 2019

The day ended with the SON shining

On Sunday June 20th.the day began with the SUN shining. The day ended with the SON shining.

We met at a rally point at 1:00pm. There were believers from many different congregations as well many different nationalities were also represented. There were flags of Canada, Israel, and at least 30 countries. Beautiful worship songs (including Messianic songs) played as we assembled ourselves behind a huge banner that read March for Jesus. Many people carried banners and signs waving large colorful flags. Beth Shechinah had unique signs listing the many names of Yeshua. Organizers also gave out hundreds of shirts and hats for the March.

At 2:00pm. there was at least 2500 (christian reporters estimated that number of people marched was between 4000 and 5000 – Street Church insert ) people marching together along Stephens Avenue towards the Olympic Park across from the City Hall. We waved our flags and banners and sang songs of praise to our God. One group of young Spanish believers were walking behind us singing songs of worship and then John from Lethbridge led our congregation in singing Messianic songs.

At one point in the march we looked up to the top of an office tower under construction on about the 30th. floor someone was waving a banner as everyone walked by.

Finally, we ended the march at Olympic Plaza. There was a stage set up for the program and tables of food with rows of BBQ’s. Volunteers were grilling hamburgers, steaks and hot dogs. There were inflated jumpers for the children and ice-cream and cotton candy help to lend to a festive atmosphere. There were clothes being given out and stuffed animals given to the children. Many believers were hugging one another as they met one another. There was a genuine and sincere sense of love and unity in the air. It was an experience we won’t forget.

The program started with singing and dancing with many different groups ministering. Later there was a beautiful time in which Real from Quebec representing the Christian community asked Rabbi Cal forgiveness for the anti-Semitism in Canada and specifically during the time of the Second world war when the Liberal Govt. turned a boat load of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. He prayed a blessing for the Jewish people and our congregation and Cal responded by praying and blessing the Christian community as well as our govt. for standing with Israel.

Then everyone stood for the Ha Tikva (Israel’s national anthem) and Deep Stream from Lethbridge sang this song as the Israel and Canadian flags were being waved. The shofars were blown to seal what was done. There was a tremendous presence of God during this time as we interceded in the heart of our city. We felt blessed to be part of this special day. There was about 45 members from Beth Shechinah.

We had an opportunity to share our faith and fellowship with many believers from around the city and I believe many seeds were planted. One woman came up to Cal and said I am so glad that your Congregation is here today. We are all one in the body of Messiah and this was a wonderful opportunity to reach out to our brethren in the city.

A special thanks to Artur Pawlawski who did an excellent job in having the vision to organize and raise the funds for such a huge undertaking. He raised up many volunteers from around the city to help in this event. We are blessed to have Artur and his family in our congregation. They have done a lot to bring blessing in our city.

This was a tremendous opportunity to make a statement for Yeshua and for that I felt He was shining on all of us.

Jan and Cal Goldberg