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Official Invitation for the March for Jesus 2010 | March for Jesus 2019

Official Invitation for the March for Jesus 2010

We are very excited to announce the restoration of the March for Jesus! The March for Jesus 2010 is the first march, in over 10 years, dedicated to raising the name of Jesus for all to see. During this march, we will boldly, and without shame, proclaim Jesus Christ over our city.  The King… The Lord… The Saviour… The Way… The Truth… The Life… for all the earth. We would like to invite you to come out to help organize, support and be behind this beautiful initiative.

For years people have been speaking about and praying for revival. Christians have been asking the Lord to give us this city and for Him to prepare a great harvest of souls. The time has come and the Lord has made a great and powerful way for us all to come together and visibly proclaim Christ.  We will, in one accord and with one voice shout to the East to the West to the North and the South, the joy of salvation, the gospel of peace and we will prophetically usher in the Kingdom of God.

Take a moment… envision it… set aside past defeats, previous divisions and disappointments. Jesus Christ is the unifier.  He is the only one who can lay to rest the differences between men. When we set aside our own ambition, when we return to the simplicity of the gospel, therein lies oneness in our Lord. At the end of the day, it’s all about Him… one Jesus, no denominations, no names of churches, no divisions, just one body of Christ. Together! One voice! One mind! One heart!

It’s time… time for His people to rise up… time for His body to be whole, undivided and on fire for Him. We say if God is for us who can be against us. We say, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! By lifting the name of Jesus, the sky is the limit.  Come… come for the sake of the future generation.  Come… this nation needs you! This city needs you, because inside every believer in Christ dwells the Holy Spirit who is looking for a man who will say “Here am I Lord, send me!”

The foundation has been laid and the plan has been set in motion.  The march, on June 20th 2010, will begin at Millennium Park at 2 pm (gathering time at 1 pm). We will march down 11th Street SW to 8th Avenue SW, all the way to McLeod Trail. We will then turn left, on Macleod Trail straight to Olympic Plaza. Prior to the march, between 1 and 2 pm, we will begin with prayer and worship to prepare the way for the Living God to move mightily, to open hearts, and to create divine appointments.  At Olympic Plaza, we will be barbequing food for all to enjoy, freely.  Also, we will be distributing thousands of toys to children, accompanied by the message of God’s love. The march will be followed by a celebration of worship and prayer going until 10pm.  We are pleased to report that we already have commitments from a few media outlets to cover the full event, including Miracle Channel. We are also excited to report that the March for Jesus has already received permission from the City of Calgary to March and that the Calgary Police Department will be there to ensure that everything goes well.

In preparation for the event, we have made a website, which can be found at marchforjesus.ca. On the website, you will find a list of supporting organizations, a route map, and downloadable resources. Also, soon you will be able to download music sheets of the songs that we will be singing during the march, please print off copies for everyone you are bringing so they are equipped and prepped to sing to the Lord and so that the city can hear His praises.  If you have some song suggestions please let us know.

We still have some work to do, and resources to pull together, before the march. We are excited to report that the March for Jesus T-shirts, caps and balloons have arrived (T-Shirts will be given out to March for Jesus volunteers – while quantities last).  We are looking for different worship bands to change every couple hours, if you know of any, or if your Church’s worship team is willing to take the mic, for a time, it will bless us all.

We are so blessed that the Lord has already provided us with politicians who have committed to participating. We even have an honorary Christian mayor flying into Calgary especially for this event from Truro, Nova Scotia.  This is truly going to be an exciting and wonderful event to the glory of the Lord and the blessing of the Kingdom.

As a follow up to the annual March for Jesus we have permission to hold quarterly prayer and worship youth rallies, with the first rally taking place on April 24th 2010 at 3 pm in Prince’s Island Park and the next three to take place at Olympic Plaza (July, August & September).

Isn’t God good? What seemed impossible just a few years ago, God is making a reality today. We are set to reclaim our city for Jesus.  This is our time to stand up for this country, and push the evil principalities back. This is the time for Gideon’s, for David’s, for Joshua’s and for Esther’s.  This is our time! This is your Time! Let’s join together!

Our city will walk for God….. We are going for the Promised Land.  Will you take it with us?

Website:                            www.marchforjesus.ca
All downloadable materials, located on the website, including radio commercials, are free for distribution
March Co-ordinators
Jim Blake: 403-690-4636
Art Pawlowski: 403-607-4434
Youth Co-ordinator
Louis Preston: 403-869-7384

This is the download link for the following freely distributable poster