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Calgary’s March for Jesus taking place on Father’s Day | March for Jesus 2019

Calgary’s March for Jesus taking place on Father’s Day

Calgary’s March for Jesus taking place on Father’s Day

Calgary, AB — This Father’s Day, June 15th, local Christians are invited to honour their “Heavenly Father” by proclaiming the name which is above every other name, the name of Jesus Christ, who is Lord and Saviour.

“No believer in Jesus Christ should miss this opportunity to participate in this annual event to publicly proclaim that we are part of the army of brave warriors who represent the Kingdom of Heaven,” said Artur Pawloski, organizer of the event.

Marchers take to the streets of Calgary to dance in the Lord’s honour, sing songs of praise and broadcast to all that the Mighty King has won the victory, that He is alive, and that all glory belongs to Him.

“May the streets of Calgary be flooded with thousands of followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. And may the heavens be shaken and the bondages destroyed as those who are called by His name come in unity to raise His name high, and to shout aloud that Jesus is the Son of God!” Pawloski exclaimed.

“Many blessings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We hope to see you on the 15th of June as we honour Jesus, for only He is the way, the truth and the life,” Pawloski concluded.

The march starts at Shaw Millennium Park, 1220 – 9 Ave. SW, at 1 pm and moves along to Olympic Plaza, where there will be praise and worship to Jesus Christ until 8 pm. There will also be food, laughing and partaking in God’s blessings.

For more information, call 403-607-4434.