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Biggest evangelistic crusade in modern Poland anticipated | March for Jesus 2019

Biggest evangelistic crusade in modern Poland anticipated

Warsaw, Poland – Poland’s capital city is getting prepared to host what is expected to be the largest evangelistic crusade in the history of modern Poland. This event, organized by the Protestant church, is expecting 30,000 people from all over the country to attend. Such a large gathering will be a beacon of hope to other nations and will a spur a spiritual revival where many souls will be converted to the Lord and brethren in Christ will have their faith reaf fi rmed.

Led by Pastor Artur Pawlowski, he will be joined with musician Michael W. Smith and Evangelist Franklin Graham. After the ribbon cutting ceremony the event becomes a March for Jesus with everyone marching to the Royal Castle, followed by stops at the Presidential Palace and at the Parliament House before ending at the National Stadium. At every stop there will be speeches and prayers led by the clergy and by numerous dignitaries including high diplomats, various members of parliament, ambas- sadors, ministers and the Mayor of Warsaw.

At Pi?sudski Square, Graham, together with Pawlowski, will lay fl owers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to pay tribute to the Polish soldiers who fought on different battle fi elds. Pawlowski will also sign the book of memo- ries on behalf of March for Jesus. He hopes to remind those in attendance of the men and women who paid the price for others to live in freedom, without the fear of persecution for their beliefs. He will also speak with an emphasis on patriotism, honour, family, faith and God. He wants those gathered at the march to see that past generations should be cherished for enduring hardships with courage and honour because their actions sealed the fate of Poland’s present democracy as well as communicating the idea that a high value must be placed on recognizing the past because a nation that does not know where it came from will also not know where it is going.

Last year’s March for Jesus 2013, with its special guest British Christian Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader, Graham Kendrick, was a huge success. This year’s march is also expected to enjoy similar success as it will end at the National Stadium where Franklin Graham will invite people to repent and turn to Jesus. The two day event will also include a concert that will feature Michael W. Smith

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