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Alderman McIver joins Bill Mills | March for Jesus 2019

Alderman McIver joins Bill Mills

Rick McIver, Alderman and a very strong supporter of Street Church joined Bill Mills, Mayor of Truro, Nova Scotia.

Rick came out to the platform to give a few words after the march and he and his wife were prayed over. Rick is not believer, but as an Alderman he joined us in lifting the name of Yeshua. For the March there was an estimate of about 2,500 people (christian reporters estimated that number of people marched was between 4000 and 5000 – Street Church insert ).

But at the park we had more, I would estimate about 4,000. Rod and Ingrid gave away 4,500 cones of ice-cream. They minister by giving away free ice-cream here in Calgary and witness at the same time.

Street Church provided about 15,000 buns, AAA steaks, patties, hot dogs, drinks, which could feed about 5,000 people or more plus all the toys, candy and used clothing for the children. There was lots of food for everyone.
Miracle Channel and AM1140 covered the march and activities at the park. We had no public media to cover the march.

There was lots of worship, it was such a great and blessed day for those who took part in lifting the name of Yeshua (Jesus) above all names. At this March, many seeds were thrown through prayer, worship and gospel tracks – and quite simply, that is all we are required to do.

ONLY God can bring in the harvest.

Oscar Winfield