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Taking it to the Streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ | March for Jesus 2019

Taking it to the Streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Imagine lifting the name of Jesus (the only name given unto men for salvation), boldly through the streets of our cities. Now you don’t have to imagine anymore, you can join us!

Join us on June 19, 2011 at 1 pm
at Calgary’s Millenium Park

March for Jesus began as ‘City March’ in London in 1987. It emerged out of the friendship of three church groups: ‘Pioneer,’ led by Gerald Coates ‘Ichthus Christian Fellowship’ led by Roger T Forster and ‘Youth with a Mission’ led by Lynn Green. Together with the worship leader Graham Kendrick, they led a movement which over the next three years spread across the UK, Europe and North America, and finally across the world. Hundreds of smaller marches emerged in its wake. In 1994 the first ‘Global March for Jesus’ covered every time zone and united over ten million Christians from over 170 nations. It is estimated that, by the final ‘Global March for Jesus’ on 10 June 2000, over 60 million people in 180 nations had marched for Jesus. It has a rich heritage and draws together Christians from all walks and backgrounds to publicly celebrate their common faith in Jesus Christ.  According to Statistics Canada roughly 70 of Canadians identify themselves as Christians.

March for Jesus brings Christians of every tradition, age, and color, into the streets to rejoice over what Jesus has done, for all who receive it, and to ask God’s blessing on our cities. It is a joyous celebration in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father where we ask the Spirit of the Living God to come with power and authority to touch our city. It is a time of public proclamation and praise and worship.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

March for Jesus will start at the Millennium Park gathering place at 1pm then together at 2pm we will march down 8th Avenue SW to Olympic Plaza. The march will finish around 4pm with a celebration; music, singing, dancing, drama, preaching, praying, and of course food and fun or all.

We are happy to march for our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

In Calgary, the March for Jesus, is not new. Although, in a sense it is because for so long Calgary was without the march. However, last year the March for Jesus 2010 re-instated what once an annual event on the streets of Calgary. The March for Jesus 2011 will mark the second annual March for Jesus in Calgary since it was re-instated last year.

Once again, it is time for we, who are called by His name, to pick the gauntlet up and march and proclaim that Jesus Christ is in fact the unchangeable God, that He reigns today as much as He did when the apostles walked the streets of the Biblical cities.

We ask you to come and participate in what participants last year called, the best day they had with the Lord in their life. If you are able to support the march financially your donations are both needed and appreciated, but if you can’t support financially, please pray for God to open the windows of heaven and release the finances needed to make the 2011 March for Jesus as big of a success as last year’s march.

The march for Jesus 2010 cost a little over $120,000 which worked out to around a cost of $25 per person. This was around $10,000 for City fees, and road closures, a police escort, permits, tent rentals, stage rentals, etc. It also included advertising and printing costs for promotional materials, and of course that provided balloons, hats, t-shirts, bouncy houses, popcorn and cotton candy, and food and entertainment for all. Nobody was charged to attend last year and that is how we want to keep it always, every year we run the March for Jesus. In order to do this we ask for people who believe in the March for Jesus to step forward and pitch in, in whatever way you can.

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March T-Shirts

We are very excited to announce the upcoming Christian youth rally at Prince’s Island Park on April 24th of this year. This event is a rallying call for the youth to come out and get excited for Jesus. We believe that this will light a fire and encourage the youth to be even more excited about living out loud for Jesus. The focus of this event is to pray and worship, before the March for Jesus, a sort of preparation for great and mighty exploits for the Lord. So come, young people to a great event you won’t want to miss. Chaparones and those who are young at heart, come and lead the way as an example to the future generation.