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More than an Event | March for Jesus 2019

More than an Event

March for Jesus is more than a one time a year event, it is an ongoing initiative and it involves acts of love, or as some Biblical translations call it, charity. Truly, God’s love is not merely said or felt but rather manifested. Love that does not act is dead, or in the words of James, “faith without works is dead”. So the March for Jesus team is committed not only to raise the name above all names Jesus Christ for all to see, not only to proclaim Christ over the city, province and nation, but also to show the love of Jesus in real and tangible ways throughout the year.

Take for example the March for Jesus itself. The actual march is only the beginning of a celebration that goes throughout the day. But during that day, we give away thousands of informational pamphlets, teaching people about our faith, we give away clothes to families and individuals, we give away T-shirts, caps, balloons, we provide free food and beverages and ensure that people feel taken care of, and truly experience the love of Christ.

The March for Jesus has a strong focus on family.  In fact, at our events or events that we attend, we dedicate a section to children’s entertainment and family fun and give out thousands of toys to families. Our goal is that when families experience Jesus, that they will be free from concern of cost, and the can merely focus on having a wonderful time strengthening their family and growing their bond of love for one another.


Throughout the year the March for Jesus team is involved in other events, educating people on the Christian faith, on the main March for Jesus event and encouraging people who don’t know Jesus to get to know Him, and those that do know Him to live for Him every day and to truly “march” for Jesus, being bold and courageous to deliver the message of Christ to a lost and hurting world.

If you are willing to step up and become a volunteer, please click on the volunteer tab at the top and sign up.  Your help is greatly appreciated.